Pre-Order: The Innsmouth Ladies' Book of Household Management

Pre-Order: The Innsmouth Ladies' Book of Household Management

What was it like to be married off to one of the "gentlemen from offshore," in one of the many and peculiar arrangements of that year? What was it to be a serving-girl in such a woman's house, who saw things she dared not tell? And what was it to be the kind of woman in Innsmouth who is erased from every history – the enslaved, the forgotten, the unmentionable?

A spoiled and reclusive captain's daughter, an Irish housemaid, and others from the docks to the finest houses of Innsmouth must all ask themselves what freedom is, what love is, and what it is worth to be human. 

Aghast Kickstarter Launch


This is it folks! The Kickstarter campaign for Aghast - A Journal of the Darkly Fantastic is live.

Aghast is an illustrated bi-annual journal of horror and dark fantasy short fiction. It will be available online, as well as in print and digital formats. This Kickstarter will help us launch the journal and publish the first few issues. Aghast will feature original short fiction. Each issue will be between 30k and 50k words. Each short story will be accompanied by an illustration by artist George Cotronis.

Aghast is edited by George Cotronis, assisted by slush reader Jeff Barr. The first issue and the stretch goal special issue feature brand new stories by Jonathan Maberry, Megan Arkenberg, Tim Waggoner, Jeff Strand and Gemma Files.