George Cotronis, Editor in Chief

George Cotronis lives in the wilderness of Northern Sweden. He makes a living designing book covers. He sometimes writes. His stories have appeared in XIII, Big Pulp and Vignettes from the End of the World. He's @northerain on Twitter.

Gordon White, Assistant Editor

Gordon lives in New York, but was born and raised in the South.  As a result, his tastes are equal parts noir and Gothic, bagels, and barbecue.  His poetry and fiction have appeared or are forthcoming in places such as Stupefying Stories, Vine Leaves, and Shadow Road Quarterly.

He dwells online at

Max Booth III, Freelance Editor

Max is the author of four books: Toxicity (Post Mortem Press, 2014), a dark comedy crime novel; The Mind is a Razorblade (Kraken Press, 2014), a neo-noir horror novel; and two story collections, True Stories Told By a Liar (Numen Books, 2012) and They Might Be Demons (Dark Moon Books, 2013).

Follow him on Twitter @GiveMeYourTeeth and visit him at

Lori Michelle, Freelance Editor

Lori is the co-owner of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing and the managing editor of Dark Moon Digest. She is the author of Dual Harvest and the editor of the critically acclaimed anthology Bleed, whose profits go to the National Children’s Cancer Society. Recently, she has joined the ranks of the Slush Pile Heroes and can be found hanging out over there.